Response to The Treasury’s Retirement Income Disclosure Consultation Paper

28 March 2019

Building on the release of the Retirement Income Covenant position paper in May 2018, Government is seeking views on the disclosure fact sheet for retirement income products. Its consultation paper proposes a standardised, simplified document that outlines key metrics and features to help consumers compare different retirement income products.

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CPSA’s response – Draft Older Persons Transport and Mobility Plan 2018–2022

24 January 2019

CPSA welcomes the draft plan, noting that it is thorough and attempts to address a range of issues of concern for older people using transport in NSW. However, there are two major areas of concern that CPSA believes were not adequately addressed in the plan. These are the transparency regarding the Transport Access Program and access to information about transport services.

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Pre-Budget Submission 2019

20 January 2019

CPSA welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the 2019 Budget and would like to highlight the following federal budget priorities it has identified in the areas of aged care, social services and health.

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Submission to the Financial Services Royal Commission – Interim Report

26 October 2018

CPSA welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Financial Services Royal Commission’s Interim Report. In this submission, CPSA will confine itself to commenting on issues related to the provision of financial advice. CPSA’s comments are in response to the questions listed at the end of the financial advice section in the Commissioner’s interim report. These comments are based on policy positions CPSA has held and advocated for throughout previous reviews of the financial advice industry and regulation.

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