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Who is afraid of people with dementia?

Published 25 September 2023

The vast majority of people living with dementia live in the community, but it can be hard going because of poor community responses to dementia.

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Is Bigpond closing? Not yet, but it might be time to look at other options

Published 22 September 2023

TPG shut down their email service this month, Telstra’s Bigpond might not be far behind. What if you’re just sick of Telstra? Here's some other options.

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NSW Budget: rebates up – Regional Seniors Travel Card axed

Published 20 September 2023

The NSW Budget delivered higher energy rebates, some social housing but also got rid of the Regional Seniors Travel Card.

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Atrial fibrillation: save your life, why don’t you!

Published 18 September 2023

Atrial fibrillation is a little-known troublemaker. If you don't know what it is, read about what it is and what you can do about it.

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Older driver testing holy grail: has it been found?

Published 15 September 2023

The holy grail of older driver testing has been waiting to be found by a road safety Sir Galahad for a long time, but do we really need it?

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COVID-19: Forget Omicron, Pirola is here!

Published 13 September 2023

While much of the world goes about its business and worries about other things, COVID-19 merrily mutates away.

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Baby boomer broken hips fixed sooner

Published 11 September 2023

Breaking a hip happens to a lot of older people. The sooner it's fixed the better they'll walk, but standards were...slipping.

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Aged Care Royal Commission: Govt junks key recommendations

Published 8 September 2023

A new Aged Care Act would have new things in it, wouldn't it? Enter the Government junking key Aged Care Royal Commission recommendations.

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Smart meters are getting smarter, but what does that mean for consumers?

Published 6 September 2023

In most of Australia, about a third of premises have these meters and all new and replacement units must be 'smart'. They are already mandatory in Victoria, and there are plans to transition fully by 2030, but there are concerns about what this might mean for consumers. [more]

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Australia Post has you writing your last letter in 2033

Published 4 September 2023

Mail deliveries and post offices are in the firing line at Australia Post: they're losing money. Is another essential service biting the dust?

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$93 million for NSW palliative care upgrades, but is it enough?

Published 1 September 2023

Big money is finally being spent on NSW palliative care facilities, but is it enough and will it improve end-of-life care?

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Is home insurance about to become a luxury?

Published 30 August 2023

Home insurance is an essential thing to have, but what if it becomes so expensive many have to go without? One in eight, a new report says.

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NSW news: Bushfire Brigade gets ready for work

Published 30 August 2023

The bushfire season starts at different times in different places. Fire danger signs are going digital. Time for us all to get ready.

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Would you be willing to pay aged care insurance?

Published 28 August 2023

More and better aged care is going to cost more. A lot more. A Taskforce is looking at where the money will come from. Tax levies? Insurance?

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Hearing check could reduce your dementia risk by half

Published 25 August 2023

Research shows that dementia risk increases for some people with hearing loss. Getting checked is simple, perhaps it's time to ask your GP?

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How to cancel utility accounts for a deceased person

Published 23 August 2023

Privacy laws can make it difficult to cancel utility accounts for people who have died. Upsetting, especially if it's somebody close to you.

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Battery fires are on the rise in NSW

Published 21 August 2023

Electric bikes, scooters and discarded batteries have a nasty way of bursting into flames. NSW is campaigning against battery fires.

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GP payroll tax: guess who’s paying?

Published 21 August 2023

GPs running their own practice don't pay it, but medical centres employing GPs as contractors must now pay it: the GP payroll tax.

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Utility costs in embedded networks under review

Published 18 August 2023

NSW News: The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is looking at the cost of utilities like power, gas and water for customers in embedded networks. This is where utilities are sold by a third party – such as in residential land lease communities - as well as some retirement villages and apartment complexes. [more]

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The inheritance tax already here: how to avoid it

Published 16 August 2023

Inheritance tax is a political no-no in Australia but superannuation means we do have one. The good thing is, it can be legally avoided.

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