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Will you still be able to get home care from 1 July 2024?

28 November 2022

It's official. The new home care system will mean the end of the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) on which two-thirds of the 1.5 million people receiving aged care in Australia rely. CHSP providers will leave the industry in droves, to be replaced by .... who exactly? There doesn't seem to be a plan.

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COVID rampages on but nobody cares anymore!

25 November 2022

Denial is a wonderful way of feeling good about something bad, and perhaps that's why Australia seems to be pretending COVID-19 is no longer a threat or even an issue. The facts tell a different story.

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Can pharmacists fix the GP shortage?

21 November 2022

The NSW Government has announced a new trial expanding the responsibilities of pharmacists to help you get quicker access to healthcare but beware, there may be more risks than it seems at first glance.

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Do your super and affordable housing mix?

18 November 2022

There's been lots of talk about recruiting superannuation funds to help tackle the housing crisis but is it really realistic? How will investing in social and affordable housing affect your savings in super?

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Dementia: a carer’s advice

16 November 2022

Following an article on dementia in CPSA News, William Griffiths wrote to CPSA to share his experiences caring for his wife. Here is what he wrote.

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The biggest dental deserts

9 November 2022

Ever tried to get a public dental appointment and wondered why it was so difficult? You may be living in a dental desert without even realising it.

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Are you missing out on free money?

7 November 2022

With energy bills continuing to rise, any help you can get is more than welcome. Meanwhile over a quarter of Australians entitled to concessions aren't claiming them! Make sure you aren't missing out.

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Soft drinks cause cancer: new liver research

19 October 2022

Research just published in the medical scientific journal Nature Medicine found that you don’t have to be a drinker at all to damage your liver. Sweet things are just as bad. What a boring world we live in!

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