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Calling 000: What do you need to know in an emergency?

Published 20 February 2024

In an emergency situation, it can be difficult to keep a clear head. Here are some things to remember when calling 000.

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Competition watchdog wants tighter anti-competition rules

Published 16 February 2024

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has been lobbying the Australian Government for more powers to block mergers and acquisitions that may breach anti-competition rules. Some detractors say that this is a step too far, and there’s no problem to solve. [more]

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Will naming and shaming help to rein in price gouging?

Published 13 February 2024

A recent inquiry into price gouging has recommended that businesses be named and shamed if they unfairly raise prices.

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Pension increase in March 2024: what to expect

Published 7 February 2024

The figures are in for the March 2024 pension increase, and the news isn't great. Unless something very unusual happens, the pension will go up by 1.8%. This article will explain how much extra that should put in your pocket.

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Loyalty programs: what you’re saving in dollars, you may be paying in data

Published 5 February 2024

Loyalty programs may be a tempting way to reduce grocery bills but think twice before signing over your data.

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Pension to go up by at least 1.8% in March 2024

Published 31 January 2024

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released CPI figures for the last quarter and it looks like the pension will go up by at least 1.8% in March - though it might be more.

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Work for the Dole doesn’t work for anyone

Published 29 January 2024

A well-known community services organisation has announced that it will no longer participate in the Work for the Dole scheme. Hopefully, other organisations will follow suit.

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Aged care star ratings: what are they and do they mean anything?

Published 24 January 2024

Aged care star ratings were introduced as a way of comparing residential aged care homes, making it easier for people seeking care and giving providers a clear framework for quality improvement. Are they doing their job?

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Extreme weather and rising insurance premiums will make many Australian homes uninsurable

Published 22 January 2024

Rising insurance premiums and extreme weather leave many Australians in high-risk areas unable to afford insurance, and a new report says that these numbers are going to continue to go up.

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Staying safe amid summer wave of COVID cases

Published 19 January 2024

COVID-safe behaviours remain essential, as new wave of COVID cases reminds us. Here are some things to keep in mind this summer.

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Price gouging investigations are adding up

Published 17 January 2024

Allegations of supermarket price gouging have already led to two investigations and a third might be on the way, but what is the difference between them and what are they likely to accomplish?

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Outstanding questions suggest less than outstanding performance

Published 15 January 2024

Responses to more than 900 questions about health and aged care are yet to be answered in Parliament. As usual, there’s all sorts of finger-pointing going on.

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Work Bonus Balance increase leaves pensioners underwhelmed

Published 12 January 2024

Last year the Australian Government announced a permanent increase to the Work Bonus ‘income bank’ balance cap. Sounds like a good thing? Well, it’s left many pensioners confused and frustrated.

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Record breaking year for financial complaints

Published 10 January 2024

Complaints to Australia’s financial dispute resolution scheme have, for the first time, topped 100,000 in just one year. There are calls for banks to step up their own dispute resolution processes as both scam and financial hardship complaints increase. [more]

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Reserve Bank suggests using cash at a cost

Published 8 January 2024

More people than ever are going cash-free, and the cracks are starting to show. There’s no sign that cash will disappear altogether – but it’s only going to get harder to access and spend.

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CPSA calls for a pensioner council rate rebate inquiry

Published 19 December 2023

NSW gives pensioners a 50% rebate on their council rate. The catch? It's to maximum of $250 and has been for thirty years. Inquiry? You bet!

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Aged care: how a protected person protects the family home

Published 19 December 2023

A protected person stays in the home when someone goes into aged care: they are protected, but they also protect the sale value of the home.

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Pensioners hit hard by cost of living crisis

Published 15 December 2023

Cost of living is up and our recent survey suggests that for many pensioners and older people on a low income, quality of life is going down.

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Catalyst Research finds CPSA testing

Published 15 December 2023

Catalyst Research Managing Director’s Kevin McCreton is not happy and responds to the CPSA Newsletter article about The Catalyst Report.

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Aged care report says you want to pay more

Published 13 December 2023

There are two things about aged care and nursing homes people want. One is more money. Two, they never want to go into them.

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