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Submission to the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency on the Draft Guidance Aged Care Quality Standards

31 May 2018

CPSA welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft guidance material for the new aged care quality standards. CPSA represents pensioners of all ages and low income retirees. As such, CPSA is interested in ensuring that the aged care system is able to deliver high quality, person centred care to all those who need it, regardless of their geographical location and their capacity to pay. In an increasingly market-based aged care system, the accreditation standards and how they are interpreted and implemented is critical in ensuring that all residents have access to safe care that meets their needs. This submission focuses on how the guidance material can be improved to ensure that the realities of care experiences are properly being captured through the auditing process, particularly in residential aged care.

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Submission to the Senate Committee on Community Affairs – Effectiveness of the Aged Care Quality Assessment and Accreditation Framework

18 August 2017

CPSA's response to the Senate Committee on Community Affairs inquiry into the effectiveness of the Aged Care Quality Assessment and accreditation framework for protecting residents from abuse and poor practices, and ensuring proper clinical and medical care standards are maintained and practiced. More information about the inquiry can be found on the Parliament of Australia website, along with CPSA's submission.

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Greater Sydney Commission’s Draft District Plans

31 March 2017

CPSA welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the Greater Sydney Commission's draft district plans. This submission responds to the issues of housing affordability and affordable rental housing, as highlighted in all six district plans. In addition to the issues raised below, CPSA supports the recommendations put forward by Shelter NSW as the peak body representing the housing interests of low income households and people experiencing disadvantage.

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Australian Law Reform Commission: Elder Abuse Discussion Paper

10 March 2017

CPSA welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the Elder Abuse Discussion Paper (DP 83) released by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC). The majority of this submission responds to Chapter 11 of the Discussion Paper, which related to aged care. CPSA has extensive experience in the area of aged care and also auspices a Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) service in Sydney. While CPSA is a strong supporter of the ALRC's involvement in elder abuse and the broader attention to the issue by state and territory governments, as a grass-roots organisation our members have raised a number of concerns with the terminology used. The term elder is not generally used in Australian society when talking about older people. The exception to this is within Aboriginal communities, where the term Elder holds particular cultural meaning and significance. In addition, members have expressed concern that the term elder abuse is ambiguous, as it can imply that the elder is the one perpetrating abuse. For these reasons, CPSA's preferred terminology is the abuse of older people. However, as the ALRC's terms of reference refer to elder abuse, this submission will also use the term to describe the abuse of older people.

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