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Budget 2019: When a tax cut is the unkindest cut of all

2 April 2019

“A one-off Energy Assistance Payment is about the only thing that pensioners and carers take away from a Budget that ignores the aged care, the inadequacy of Newstart, the lack of a decent national public dental scheme and the urgent need for affordable housing to be addressed at a national level”, said Paul Versteege, Policy Manager for the Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association.

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10,000 Home Care Packages but still no plan

17 December 2018

“The Government still has no plan how to help the 82,000 people who will still be waiting after the allocation of 10,000 new high-level Home Care Packages announced today”, said Policy Manager Paul Versteege.

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Correcting the record on Home Care Packages

3 December 2018

“Claims in a media release by Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care, the Hon Ken Wyatt MP (Record Growth in Seniors Receiving Home Care Packages, 29 November 2018) are in need of correction”, said CPSA Policy Coordinator Paul Versteege.

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Fees for Paper Bills Fiasco

12 November 2018

“The decision by Australian federal and state and territory Ministers for Consumer Affairs to ‘encourage businesses not to charge vulnerable or disadvantaged consumers to receive paper bills’ is a classic example of a do-nothing policy”, said CPSA Policy Coordinator Paul Versteege.

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Aged Care post-ABC4Corners: Action now, Royal Commission later!

24 September 2018

“Monday night’s second ABC 4Corners program on aged care has shown in detail just how bad things are in Australia’s nursing homes. CPSA has said it many times: nursing homes are dangerous places and unsuitable for purpose”, said CPSA Policy Coordinator Paul Versteege.

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Royal Commission? Great But We Need Action Now!

18 September 2018

"Monday night's ABC 4Corners program has shown in graphic detail just how bad things are in many of Australia's nursing homes, with relatives of residents resorting to planting secret cameras to record the evidence of violence and neglect perpetrated against their loved ones", said CPSA Policy Coordinator Paul Versteege.

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Internet Supplement to Compensate Pensioners

31 July 2018

"Services like Centrelink and Medicare have achieved huge operational cost savings by moving their customer interface online. However, access to the online customer interface comes at a cost to pensioners and other low income households", said CPSA Policy Coordinator Paul Versteege.

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Pensioners Demand Electricity Price Overhaul

11 July 2018

"CPSA welcomes the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's report that describes the current situation of high electricity prices and bills as unacceptable and unsustainable", said policy officer, Bronagh Power.

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