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The many shapes and sizes of ageism

12 October 2022

If you've been denied a job, talked over or underestimated because of your age you're not alone. A new poll exposes the range of ways ageism is impacting older Australians.

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Regional banks get the green light to go app

5 October 2022

Regional bank branches are closing, replaced by apps. Alright if you're tech-savvy and don't depend on cash, but what if you're not and do? The Regional Banking Taskforce has given in to the digital divide.

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Is pension indexation about to go monthly?

3 October 2022

Alone in the G20 and berated by the IMF, Australia stubbornly stuck to quarterly CPI reporting until .... now! And now that the CPI has gone monthly, what's stopping pension indexation to follow?

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Dementia: know the signs

26 September 2022

Rates of dementia continue to grow in Australia yet social stigma stops people from knowing the signs and getting the help they need. Make sure you have all the information you need to stay on top of your health.

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Disability doesn’t stop at 65: class action

23 September 2022

The NDIS, despite its troubles, is a far better care scheme than aged care, yet people over 65 cannot sign up for it. This has now attracted the attention of a legal firm specialising in class actions.

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Would Methuselah be able to get travel insurance?

16 September 2022

Retirement is the time when you can travel to all those faraway places you always wanted to see. Many retirees get a nasty surprise when they start looking for travel insurance. How expensive is old in travel insurance?

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Should you be grateful for pension indexation?

12 September 2022

Are media releases in which the government of the day implies a forthcoming pension indexation event in March or September is munificence bestowed on pensioners by the government of the day appropriate? Do pensioners need to be thankful, doff their cap and tug their forelock?

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Can nursing homes evict residents?

7 September 2022

Nursing homes are supposed be sanctuaries for the frail elderly, secure places where care giving is the absolute priority. They're also real estate businesses from which accommodation is rented.

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How to recruit a grey army: jobs and skills

5 September 2022

The increased Work Bonus measure is an outcome of the Jobs and Skills Summit and should therefore be judged on its effectiveness in enticing pensioners back to the workforce. It’s very unlikely to do that. But it is also a good measure for those pensioners currently working.

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Superannuation: what’s better, choice or no choice?

2 September 2022

For superannuation to work someone other than the funds must take an interest. That task has fallen to the prudential regulator APRA. After two years, the no-choice funds sector has been knocked into shape. Now for the choice sector.

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Australian housing moves into 21st century, except for NSW, WA

31 August 2022

Whether you're young, old or in-between, having a mobility impairment makes life hard in a world designed for the fleet-of-foot. August 27 will be forever a red-letter day in disability campaigning: from next year on houses must be built according to accessibility standards.

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