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JobSeeker or pre-Age Pension?

14 October 2020

The longer a person is unemployed, the more difficult it becomes for them to find a suitable job, or even an unsuitable one. Social security arrangements acknowledge this on the one hand, but on the other compel people to keep looking when it is clear they're not going to find anything.

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Financial abuse of older people takes many forms

7 October 2020

COVID-19 has shown that the protection of older, vulnerable people is often careless. Some industries, such as the legal sector, are taking proactive steps to identify and report cases of elder abuse especially in regard to the financial abuse of older people.

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Made easier: the things you have to do after you die

30 September 2020

Dying isn’t as easy as it used to be. When someone dies up to forty government and private organisations need to be notified, not to mention online accounts needing to be closed. There's a scheme to do it all in one fell swoop.

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Aged care quality framework out, quality indicators in – Royal Commission

30 September 2020

The aged care industry has for decades resisted meaningful monitoring of aged care quality, which shows in the ridiculously vague aged care standards the industry must comply with. The industry is now complaining how onerous it is to demonstrate compliance with the new, vague standards that came in 2019, but they also resist the replacement of standards with a suite of meaningful quality indicators that are based on information providers already collect as part of and during the course of normal operations.

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COVID and flu in nursing homes: when bad news is good news

23 September 2020

Finally the Government is publishing information about COVID-19 in nursing homes across Australia. That's six months into the pandemic. But the report the Government put out tries to spin the mismanagement of the pandemic in nursing homes as .... a win!

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16 September 2020

This week's Poet's Corner is occupied by Victor Borg with a sweeping review of COVID-19, inflation, pension indexation and .... ducks! All in just four lines, too.

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Power bills going down, gas bills not

1 September 2020

Electricity prices are on their way down thanks to renewables, but gas bills will remain high as an agreement between Government and gas producers proves to be ineffective.

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