How your funeral is not your funeral

Article published 23 February 2022

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ARRANGING a funeral is not rocket science but it can become needlessly stressful if the person doing the arranging doesn’t know what the person who died wanted.

We will all die one day, so why not make it easy on those left behind by writing a list of your funeral essentials.

Some basic planning is essential.

Do you want to be buried, cremated or do you have an unusual wish for the disposal of your body?

Do you want a service, and if so, what sort of service? Simple coffin or elaborate? Flowers? Do you have a preference for a certain funeral director?

Importantly, make sure that your wishes fit within the budget.

You can make it really easy for those left behind by buying a pre-arranged funeral plan. But make sure those left behind know you have one.

Unless you have a pre-arranged funeral plan, the funeral director will need some of your personal information to register your death with Births, Deaths and Marriages. They will also apply for a certified copy of the death certificate, required to sort out your estate.

Apart from your name, date and place of birth, the registration of your death also requires information about your partner or partners, children and your parents. It’s better to get that information together now than to leave that to those left behind.
Your funeral and the lead-up to it, will be a stressful time for those left behind. You can make it easier on them by doing the basic planning now rather than leaving it to them.

It may be your funeral, but it’s theirs too.

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