Getting really smart: mobile phone implant scams

Article published 4 May 2022

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IF you love your mobile phone (or just find it useful), you may be in for a shock.

Experts are saying that ten years from now they won’t be around anymore.

They claim that mobile phones will soon be replaced by small wearable and implantable devices that can do all the same things.

The smart contact lens, able to send useful data like directions or your walking speed right to your eye, has already been developed and is literally changing how we see things.

Even if this sounds like it’s straight out of science fiction movie, we can agree that technology is advancing very quickly.

But more technology means you need to spend more time learning to be cybersafe.

It also means more can be used to target vulnerable people.

That includes mobile phones, even tiny implantable ones.

So how do you make sure you’re staying safe?

Well luckily advanced tech can also be used to protect you and your money.

After a successful trial last year, Westpac has rolled out real-time scam blocks to detect and stop online scams.

When you try to buy something online, Westpac scans merchant behaviours and customer reports. If they find out the seller is dodgy, they automatically stop the transaction.

You can call them if you still want to go through with the purchase, but so far most people agree with the blocker. Only one in a hundred have gone on with the sale.

In the past two months, they’ve saved 69,000 customers about $87 dollars each.

At the moment, they’re only focused on overseas companies falsely advertising things like nutrient supplements and business services.

But when they expand the program to more merchants, they predict they’ll be able to save customers $120 million each year!

With technology changing so quickly that it’s impossible to stay on top of, it’s good to know that at least some of it is working to keep you safe.

The same experts seeing the end of mobile phones warn that we need to make sure we aren’t just creating technology for the sake of it.

Instead, it should only be made to actually help make life easier.

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