The importance of self-managed care for CHSP providers (4)

Article published 5 June 2023

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The importance of self-managed care for CHSP providers (4)

Non-self-managed self-managed care is where a care recipient themselves coordinates multiple approved providers. How does that work?

Further removed from self-managed care in its purest and second-purest form, is the self-managed care where a care recipient gets their services from multiple approved providers while the coordination (care management and package management) of a self-managing care recipient’s care is done by the care recipient themselves.

As shown earlier posts, the Aged Care Royal Commission made recommendations about such an arrangement: “a person’s approved provider must assign a care manager to the person unless an assessment team has assessed the person as eligible … without the need for any care management”.

The Commission also recommends (14) that, “if the person has more than one approved provider, the person’s lead provider must assign a care manager to the person”.

It’s clear that as far as the Aged Care Royal Commission was concerned the days of a care recipient managing and coordinating their own care are over once the new Aged Care Act commences.

However, it would still be possible for a care recipient whose needs can be met through multiple services not caught by the non-delegable statutory duty of care provision (meal services, domestic assistance, social support and community transport) discussed previously to be assessed as not needing care management.

However, the Aged Care Royal Commission’s recommendation 14 would still require the lead agency to appoint a care manager for a person assessed as being able to self-manage aged care services provided through multiple approved providers.

The Aged Care Royal Commission has done everything it can to restrict self-managed aged care to a person receiving a single service of a type not caught by the non-delegable statutory duty of care.

As an example, a person receiving aged care in the form of community transport would be able to self-manage this service. But as soon as they needed a meal service or domestic assistance, either the approved provider of the meal service or the approved provider of community transport would need to assume the role of care manager.

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