Second NSW Regional Seniors Travel Card now available

Article published 3 February 2021

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WHY they’re not sending the second NSW Regional Seniors Travel Card to everyone who got one in 2020 automatically is anybody’s guess, but there you have it.

You must apply again if you want the second card.

If you have just become eligible, the second card will be your first, obviously, and will give you the opportunity to spend $250 on fuel, taxis and pre-booked TrainLink fares. Eligibility depends on either being an Age Pensioner, a holder of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, or a holder of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card.

You also must live outside greater Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong.

As things stand, the second card will be the last one, but who knows what might happen.

There’s plenty of time to apply for the second card: between 18 January 2021 and 30 November 2021.

The card is valid for 14 months from the date the card is issued. The expiry date is shown on the front of the card.

The same goes for your first card if you have one. Once the expiry date is reached any money left on the card will be returned to the NSW Government and will not be recoverable. So make sure you spend your $250 before your card expires.

To apply for the Card, call Service NSW on 13 77 88, complete the application online at or visit a Service NSW centre.

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