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Article published 26 June 2019

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ENERGY Switch is a free Service NSW online tool that allows you to compare the electricity and gas plans of all NSW household electricity providers, and switch to a different plan if you want to.

NSW residents who receive their electricity bill directly from their electricity provider are eligible to use the Energy Switch tool.

This comparison tool uses information on a customer’s energy bill to compare prices and benefits, and recommends the top plans that offer the most savings. Once the comparison is made, Energy Switch can change your energy plan to another provider if they are offering a better plan, and if you choose to do so.

You won’t have to deal with your current provider at all. In 2-5 business days your new energy provider will contact you to confirm that you want to make the switch and the process is complete.

Energy Switch will even ask you what concession cards you have and inform your new energy retailer of the rebates you are entitled to, even if you’ve never claimed them before.

The use Energy Switch in the best way you must be online. This may seem discriminatory, but only a computer can compare your energy bill with the myriad of other offers from dozens of other energy retailers in a short space of time.

If you are not online yourself, ask a friend or a relative who is online to help you. All you need is an electronic bill and an email address. Go to and follow the instructions.

You can also get assistance from someone at a Service NSW Centre, but ring them first to make arrangements on 13 77 88.

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