Release Royal Commission’s COVID-19 aged care report immediately

Article published 1 October 2020

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“Yesterday, the Aged Care Royal Commission handed its special report on the COVID-19 pandemic in the aged care sector to the Governor General. The Royal Commission has indicated the special report contains specific and urgent recommendations to make older Australians safe, particularly those in residential aged care”, said CPSA Policy Manager Paul Versteege.

“Given the poor track record of federal and state governments in handling COVID-19 in residential aged care, transparency as to the Aged Care Royal Commission’s findings and recommendations is essential.

“The Aged Care Royal Commission went to the trouble of preparing a special COVID-19 report five months ahead of the deadline for its final report: there’s no reason for the Australian Government to sit on the Royal Commission’s COVID-19 report but every reason to release it publicly and say what urgent action it will take in concert with state and territory governments to protect older Australians in aged care.

“Delays and inaction by the Australian Government have got aged care to where it is today: in crisis. The Australian Government should break with this tradition of prevarication and immediately release the Aged Care Royal Commission’s report on COVID-19 in aged care.”


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