Pensioners Welcome NSW Government’s Commitment to Affordable Rent for Social Housing Tenants

Article published 5 September 2017

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Media Release

“CPSA welcomes the NSW Government’s decision to reject the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal’s (IPART) that the pension supplement should be included in the calculation of rent for social housing tenants.” said Ellis Blaikie, CPSA Policy Coordinator.

“Including the pension supplement in the calculation of rents for social housing tenants would have resulted in a rent hike of $424 per year for singles and $640 per year for couples, which is totally unaffordable for these households.”

“CPSA welcomes the NSW Government’s commitment to ensuring affordable rent for social housing tenants.” Ms Blaikie said.

You can read the NSW Government’s response to the IPART Final Report and Recommendations on the Family and Community Services website.

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