Out and About vouchers, are you going to miss out?

Article published 25 November 2020

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THE NSW Treasurer has announced that NSW residents 18 and over will be eligible to receive four $25 Out & About vouchers starting early January.

Two vouchers can be used at restaurants, cafes, pubs, and clubs. The other two vouchers can be used for entertainment, such as the cinema and the theatre or taking the grand kids ten-pin bowling.

If you spend less than $25, no change will be given. You can’t get alcohol or tobacco and you can’t gamble with a voucher.

You can only use one voucher at the time.

The NSW Budget papers describe the vouchers as “digital vouchers”. You can get the vouchers via the Service NSW app.

This would seem to mean that people without a smartphone would miss out.

On 18 November, the NSW Minister for Customer Service was asked a question about this in a social media post. The Minister responded by saying, “we will have a solution for those without a smartphone and more information will become available soon”.

In response to another question, the Minister said that to participate in the scheme, “you must have a MyServiceNSW account”. However, to set up a MyServiceNSW account you need an email account. So, unless you can go online, you could still miss out.

CPSA will keep readers informed.

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