Nursing Home Accreditation Broken: Pensioners

Article published 15 February 2018

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Media Release

“CPSA welcomes the interim report regarding Effectiveness of the Aged Care Quality Assessment and accreditation framework by the Senate Committee on Community Affairs. As the report demonstrates, incidents like Oakden can occur for years right under the nose of regulators. Accreditation does not evaluate the actual care and support residents receive, rather the process focuses heavily on paperwork and ticking boxes”, said CPSA Policy Officer, Eliza Littleton.

“The debacle at the Oakden facility has shown for the umpteenth time that aged care audits, assessments, spot checks and accreditation are generally not effective. This explains why malnutrition in nursing homes affects 40-70% of residents, while in the past five years only 38 out of approximately 2,500 homes were found to be non-compliant on malnutrition.”

“CPSA calls for a comprehensive set of Aged Care Standards focused on clinical outcomes. Re-badging the accreditation authority is pointless. We need aged care standards that work”, said Ms Littleton.

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