NSW News: Regional Seniors Travel Card applications suspended

Article published 12 July 2023

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NSW news: Regional Seniors Travel Card applications suspended

If the NSW seniors regional transport card is dear to you heart, now maybe the time to write to the NSW Treasurer if you want to keep it.

NSW Regional Seniors Travel Card

SERVICE NSW  is not taking applications for the NSW Regional Seniors Travel Card for 2024 from 7 July 2023.

It is unclear what will happen to any applications made before 7 July 2023.

The reason for suspension of applications may be that the card will be discontinued from next year. It has also been reported in the media that the NSW Government is considering means testing the card if it continues.

We will find out once the NSW Budget is presented in September.

Obviously, if the Government’s plan is to discontinue or to continue-with-means-test, the suspension of applications makes sense: people would either be applying for a card which would not materialise, or they would have to apply all over again to supply information enabling means testing.

CPSA has written to the NSW Government stressing how important the card is to older people in the regions. If the NSW Regional Seniors Travel Card is important to you and people you know, now is the time to write the NSW Treasurer. Click here for his contact page and leave a message.

Transitional nursing home places on NSW South Coast

Up to 35 temporary aged care beds are being made available across the Illawarra Shoalhaven region, under a joint state and federal funding agreement which will help free up beds in local public hospitals.

NSW Minister for Health Ryan Park said the funding agreement between the NSW Government and the Commonwealth will enable additional beds in the Illawarra Shoalhaven to open under the Transitional Aged Care Program.

“This will make it possible for more patients to be safely discharged from hospital to another care facility while they wait for a residential placement to become available,” Mr Park said.

Under the agreement, the NSW Government will contribute around 75 per cent ($5 million) of the funding required to open 20 additional transition beds in the Illawarra.

The NSW Government is also funding 15 transitional beds in the Shoalhaven, with 4 already in place in Nowra.

An average of 92 local hospital patients every day in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven have been classified as ready for transfer to a residential aged care facility over the past 12 months. Obviously, 35 additional beds, which will open over the next few months, solve only part of the problem, but something is better than nothing.


UPDATE (19/09/23): The Regional Seniors Travel Card has been axed in the 2023-24 NSW Budget, read CPSA’s response here.

For more information please email our media contact at media@cpsa.org.au

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