New Quality and Safety Commission: Cosmetic Make-Over

Article published 18 April 2018

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Media Release

“The new Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission announced today will not change what happens in nursing homes and will not change the quality of care provided, because aged care standards are left untouched”, said CPSA Policy Coordinator Paul Versteege.

“I have lost count how many times the agencies responsible for auditing nursing homes and complaints have been changed with much fanfare and claims that aged care in Australia will improve immeasurably”.

“The new Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission will not change anything until objectively measurable aged care quality standards are introduced and nursing homes are compelled to hire sufficient and adequately qualified staff to meet those standards”.

“To treat the Oakden scandal as an aberration and the introduction of a new Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission as the thing that will prevent further scandal is nonsense. There will be further scandals and the inhumane day-to-day treatment of nursing home residents will continue to be the rule, not the exception”.

“Anyone claiming that the vast majority of nursing homes are providing adequate care is living in a bubble”, said Paul Versteege.


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