New: 10 Questions about aged care – information series

Article published 11 August 2020

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10 QUESTIONS is a series of leaflets about aged care written by nurses, doctors and experts with experience in aged care. Each leaflet focuses on an individual aspect of care to increase consumer knowledge and make the journey into residential aged care easier.

A new 10 QUESTIONS leaflet has just been published about Additional Charges in residential aged care. Additional Charges are for the little luxuries and extras while people are in care.

There are twelve further leaflets dealing with a variety of topics, from nursing home contracts, staffing, palliative care to LGBTI, dental care and mental health.

A must for anyone looking for a place on residential aged care.

All leaflets are online. For those without access to a computer or printer, ring CPSA on 1800 451 488 menu option 4, and we will send out copies to you.

For more information please email our media contact at

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