My Health Record and Advance Care Directives

Article published 23 April 2019

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THE decision to sign up for My Health Record is a personal one, but if you have decided to sign up, you should make sure that your Advance Care Directive is included in your My Health Record.

My Health Record is a centrally kept computer database of medical information about Australians. Unless you opt out, you automatically have an account in My Health Record.

Privacy and other concerns have prompted many people to opt out of My Health Record.

However, if you are signed up to My Health Record, or are undecided but are looking for a good reason to sign up, My Health Record is the perfect place to store your Advance Care Directive. It will all but ensure that in case of a major medical event affecting you, medical staff can inform themselves about your wishes as to what medical treatment should be provided and what medical treatment should not be provided.

If you are doubtful about the value of an Advance Care Directive because it may not be available when it is needed, My Health Record might be a facility that removes that doubt.

Storing advance care planning documents in My Health Record is particularly vital in emergency care cases where hospitals, paramedics and other relevant registered healthcare providers need access to a patient’s records, in order to provide the care the patient wants.

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