Home Care Waiting List Blows Out by 3.7% in Single Quarter

Article published 17 August 2018

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Media Release

“Overall, the number of people waiting for a Home Care Package (HCP) has increased by a massive 3.7% in a single quarter, from 104,602 to 108,456” said CPSA Policy Coordinator, Paul Versteege.

“Significantly, the number of people on the waiting list who had an inadequate HCP or who had been promised an HCP has increased even more, from 47,908 back in the December quarter to 54,821, a clear 14.4% blow-out in a single quarter.

“These increases in the waiting list are just numbers, but they represent human suffering for well over 100,000 older people who get inadequate aged care or no help at all. It means partners providing care where they themselves are struggling and it means people being packed off to nursing homes.”

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