Don’t go for brokers in your Home Care Package

Article published 23 September 2020

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THE way a Home Care Package works is that the Government puts a year’s worth of funding in the account of a provider of your choice. That money is then used to pay the provider’s staff, pay for equipment and other costs covered by your Package. All this is managed by the provider you have chosen.

But it is also possible to do this and then hire your own staff through a broker. You might want to do this because you’re not happy with the staff your provider sends you.

The typical process is as follows. A broker registers care staff who pass a police check, are adequately qualified and have a current professional registration if required. Care staff who pass vetting by the broker are listed on the broker’s online platform.

You as a Package recipient select a carer listed on the broker’s platform. This person comes and works for you. Your provider acts as a mailbox only, receiving invoices and as paymaster paying the invoices. The broker pays the staff. And that’s it.

Neither your ‘mailbox’ provider nor the broker has any further responsibilities. You are responsible.

Good idea?


The broker effectively takes your Package outside the area where aged care laws keep you safe. In the event there are problems and aged care standards are breached, you’re the one holding the baby

You may get more hours of care and you may feel you’re in control, but the risks involved in using brokers are big.

If you are not happy with your provider, find another one.

Always pick a provider who doesn’t charge an exit fee if you want to change.

Providers are called approved providers for a reason: if they mess up, there are consequences for them, and you won’t be left with the mess.

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