COVID-19 passport is here!

Article published 16 June 2021

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THE Australian Government has announced that everyone who has received all required doses of their COVID-19 vaccination can now access the recently launched COVID-19 digital certificate.

If you can’t get proof online, your vaccination provider can print your immunisation history statement for you. You can also call the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 and ask for your statement to be sent out to you.

Once your provider has reported both doses of an approved vaccine, you’ll be able to access your COVID-19 digital certificate online through myGov or in the Express Plus Medicare app. This requires your Medicare account to be linked to myGov.

While the Government has announced that the COVID-19 digital certificate is now available, it has not announced how it’s going to be used. It’s called a certificate, but passport will probably turn out to be a better word for it in the end.

It may be required to gain entry to shops, cinemas, theatres, museums, public transport and flights. The question is whether the Australian and State and Territory Governments are going to regulate the use of the COVID-19 passport.

There’s no answer just yet, but the COVID-19 passport has arrived!

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