Community notice board: elder abuse survey, advance care planning week

Article published 22 March 2023

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Elder abuse survey, advance care planning week

Action on elder abuse

THE kids selling the house from under their mother, emptying bank accounts: it’s called elder abuse and it’s a big problem.

But even though the problem is big, it’s hidden. Policy makers need information. That’s why they would like you to respond to a survey. The answers you give will shed light on what we Australians know about elder abuse and about the services or information available to help those experiencing elder abuse.

Click here to do the Australian Government survey.

If you are aware of, and have views on the National Plan to Respond to the Abuse of Older Australians, there’s an opportunity to participate in a focus group. To register click here.


Advance Care Planning: good idea, now act on it

Only 15 per cent of Australians have signed an advance care plan, which spells out what medical assistance you want and what you don’t want. Such a plan is essential in case you have been incapacitated and can’t communicate.

This week is Advance Care Planning Week to remind people to act and get a plan.

Advance care planning gives you the opportunity to think about, discuss and record your preferences for the type of care you would like to receive and the outcomes you would consider acceptable. Advance care planning helps to ensure your loved ones and health providers know what matters most to you and respect your treatment preferences.

Advance care planning is effective (1) if you list your preferences so that they can be documented in a plan known as an advance care directive and (2) if you appoint a substitute decision-maker to help ensure your preferences are respected.

To get started you can contact the National Advance Care Planning Service on 1300 208 582 for free advice and a printed starter pack to be posted to you. Or you can head to their website for an email starter pack and more helpful information.

For more information please email our media contact at

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