Check your teeth during COVID-19

Article published 26 August 2020

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AUSTRALIANS over the age of 75 have on average twenty-four decayed, missing or filled teeth – a normal adult mouth has 32 teeth in total, including wisdom teeth. Poor oral health most commonly manifests as tooth decay and gum disease, but it can also destroy the tissues in the mouth, leading to physical and psychological disability.

Old teeth need a six-monthly check-up as much as young teeth. Dental practices have introduced special COVID-19 measures that make trips to the dentist safe.

Before the pandemic, the rate of gum disease and tooth decay in Australians was increasing. The Australian Dental Association expects that after the pandemic is over there will be a spike in the number of oral health complaints as people catch up on their check-ups.

Poor oral health has been linked to chronic diseases such as stroke, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

It is important to reduce non-essential travel during this pandemic, but a trip to the dentist is important, too.

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