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Article published 15 December 2023

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Catalyst Research Managing Director is not happy and responds to the CPSA Newsletter article about The Catalyst Report.

I was annoyed with aspects of CPSA’s summary of The Catalyst Report. The implication that our report is structured to serve the needs of the industry or the government is not appreciated.

The breathless headline “Aged care report says you want to pay more” is hardly an accurate description of the survey findings. The report identifies that the public acknowledges the need for greater funding and a percentage are willing to consider taxation amongst other mechanisms.


There is no collaboration between Catalyst and the federal government. Never have they commissioned nor purchased one of our reports. We are not “polling” produced at their behest. Our studies are entirely independent and funded by providers who seek to better understand consumer attitudes and needs.

I’m happy for you to choose findings to meet your needs and editorialise as you see fit … when it’s done accurately. I think a more collaborative approach is required if we are to work together in the future, which at this point is unlikely. Feel free to print this response or parts thereof in your newsletter.

CPSA News helped publicise the survey which forms the basis of The Catalyst Report. At no point did CPSA or CPSA News work together with Catalyst Research. CPSA News acknowledges that Catalyst Research operates independently – our article did not suggest otherwise.

Anyway, readers can judge for themselves: Aged care report says you want to pay more

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