Bupa Traralgon Class Action

Article published 26 June 2019

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BUPA Traralgon aged care facility in regional Victoria may be hit with a class action law suit. Schofield King Lawyers is investigating the mistreatment of residents in nursing homes around Australia. The firm met with twelve families to discuss possible legal action against Bupa for the mistreatment of residents in the Traralgon facility.

CPSA understands shocking issues raised by the families of people in residential care include poor food quality, distribution of wrong medication and the removal of buzzers from residents’ rooms so calls for help cannot be made. The claims of poor service at Bupa Traralgon are truly horrific.

In light of the Royal Commission into Aged Care, stories like this can no longer be dismissed as regrettable one-off incidents. We will continue to hear more of these stories until the aged care sector is better regulated. The Australian College of Nursing reported that about 70 per cent of the aged care workforce consists of staff who are not adequately regulated, trained, or supervised.

It is clear aged care providers should not be left to self-regulate the number of staff on duty or ensure staff are appropriately trained.

It is time for the Government to regulate the aged care sector and ensure that residents are being looked after by the right number of people with the right training.

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