Budget 2017-18: Some Good News but Pension Age Still 70

Article published 9 May 2017

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Some insights from Ellis Blaikie, CPSA Policy Coordinator

“CPSA welcomes the one-off Energy Assistance Payment, and the return of the Pension Concession Card to victims of the 2017 change to the age pension asset test, but the Government will not rest until Age Pension qualification age is increased to 70.” said Ellis Blaikie, CPSA Policy Coordinator.

“It’s great that pensioners can continue to visit family overseas without having their benefits slashed after just six weeks, but if you’re unemployed and over 55, expect the Government to come down hard on you. Jobseekers over 55 with virtually no employment prospects will face much tougher mutual obligations and will now be forced to apply for jobs they’ll never get. Their waiting period will be doubled from three months to six.

“CPSA welcomes the creation of the Medicare Guarantee Fund which will earmark revenue collected through the Medicare Levy for spending on health and disability care. The Medicare freeze has finally been lifted showing that the Government does see the value of universal healthcare.” Ms Blaikie said.

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