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The great aged-care-at-home bamboozle

8 December 2021

After the Aged Care Royal Commission the Government announced it was going to eradicate the home care waiting list with 180,000 new Home Care Packages over two years. It was always an announcement with a high snake oil component.

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Providers flood new National Aged Care Advisory Council

1 December 2021

Aged care providers are once again swamping consultations, workshops and now the new National Aged Care Advisory Council, recommended by the Aged Care Royal Commission, with their representatives as if they hadn't been caught out big time by the Royal Commission and might want to pipe down a little for a while. (pve)

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Is pension indexation based on wages still alive?

24 November 2021

The pension gets indexed every six months, that much is certain. But how is less certain. There are three ways it can be done, two ways based on inflation and one on wages. The indexation mechanism using wages hasn't been used for over a decade. How come? (pve)

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Cashless Welfare Minister responds to CPSA

17 November 2021

CPSA has persistently requested the federal Social Services Minister to clarify how she could claim the Cashless Welfare Card would not be rolled out to Age Pensioners while Age Pensioners were already on the Card. Finally, the Minister has responded. (pve)

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