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Australian Government announces program to bolster energy innovation

Published 29 November 2023

Renewable energy is set to replace fossil fuels, whether we like it or not. What is happening to make sure that this transition provides reliable, affordable energy that can meet our growing country’s needs? The Federal Government is set to invest in new programs, such as a virtual power plant. [more]

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Do you hate passwords?

Published 27 November 2023

Do you find passwords annoying? Do you use really easy-to-remember ones or the same one for everything, or maybe both? Recipe for disaster!

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Have we got COVID-19 licked?

Published 24 November 2023

COVID-19 was so big it's hard to imagine it's no longer a problem, but the worldwide and Australian stats don't lie.

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Automated deeming rates set to reduce pensions

Published 22 November 2023

Deeming rates generally underestimate a pensioner's investment income. Replace deemed income with actual investment income, many will lose.

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Optus in hot water after outage disconnected customers from emergency services

Published 20 November 2023

Optus is under a lot of scrutiny this month after a major outage that left many of their customers stranded, unable to even contact emergency services. This had a major impact on businesses and infrastructure, which has put the spotlight on some serious questions about the resilience of telecommunications networks in Australia. [more]

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Is Robodebt targeting pensioners now?

Published 17 November 2023

Robodebt is dead and buried, or is it? Is the heartless automation at the core of Robodebt not really dead?

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Council rate changes to add further pressure on NSW households

Published 15 November 2023

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) has announced changes to the ‘rate peg’ system, which is used to determine the amount of income that NSW councils can make from council rates. This has implications for ratepayers in NSW, who are likely to receive a larger-than-usual hike in rates from next year. [more]

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Pensioners: Council Rate Rule Change Will Increase Bill Pressure

Published 15 November 2023

MEDIA RELEASE: CPSA is concerned about how upcoming changes to the system that caps council rate increases will impact people on a low income.

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Enduring power of attorney: reform, finally!

Published 13 November 2023

An enduring power of attorney can do as much good as it can do bad unless properly regulated. Baby steps are being taken to fix the problems.

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Centrelink call wait times worse than ever

Published 10 November 2023

Services Australia has released their 2022-23 Annual Report, and it probably comes as no surprise that the figures are…well, they’re not great. In particular, Centrelink calls are simply not being picked up.

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Treasury: pensioners should pay income tax

Published 8 November 2023

What with the seniors tax offset and super, few pensioners pay income tax, but more and more people say pensioners should pay. Should they?

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Is GP bulk-billing making a comeback?

Published 6 November 2023

Bulk-billing looked dead but new incentives paid to GPs from 1 November 2023 may breathe life into no-out-of-pocket GP consultations.

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Insurance company greed working for the people? That’s new!

Published 3 November 2023

Australia is facing a housing crisis and one of the key issues is a lack of supply. To meet the needs of our growing population, we need more homes and we need them urgently. A major concern is where these buildings are going to come from - and whether shonky developers will make money by flooding the market with low-quality builds. [more]

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Why artificial sweeteners are good for you

Published 1 November 2023

The World Health Organisation has got it wrong on artificial sweeteners an eminent Dutch food scientist says. They're good for you!

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Home Care Package: what you can and what you can’t get

Published 30 October 2023

For six years, people on a Home Care Package had to work out what their package covered by themselves. Now there's guidance.

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Regional bus ‘tap & go’ trial underway, seniors to pay full fare

Published 27 October 2023

Transport for NSW is trialling a ‘tap and go’ payment system on Dubbo and Bathurst Buslines. Good news for some, but these new systems are not set up for concession card holders. Paper tickets are still available for now, but CPSA has concerns. [more]

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Wage theft: it’ll be Mayday, Mayday! until payday super

Published 23 October 2023

Each year employers pocket billions which should have gone into their workers' super funds. Payday super reform will not arrive until 2026.

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Apartment living: the 75% Rule not working one-hundred per cent

Published 23 October 2023

The 75% rule can shatter your apartment living dream: your home can be sold from under you. It's not working well now but reform is under way.

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The cashless economy is history

Published 20 October 2023

The cashless economy is NOT coming, repeat: not coming. It's here and will get bigger and bigger, but ... cash is here to stay.

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Beat the heat: Why heatwaves are risky and how to prepare

Published 18 October 2023

Australia is in for a catastrophically hot summer. For older people, this brings a whole host of concerns that it is important to prepare for.

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