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The inheritance tax already here: how to avoid it

Published 16 August 2023

Inheritance tax is a political no-no in Australia but superannuation means we do have one. The good thing is, it can be legally avoided.

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Here’s how to save on prescriptions from 1 September

Published 14 August 2023

Pharmacists are screaming blue murder but it's about time they were stopped whacking patients with unnecessary personal contributions.

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Allergic to antibiotics or fibbing?

Published 11 August 2023

Most people who think they're allergic to first-line antibiotics are not. The consequences can be serious.

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What would you rather, 4c/ltr off fuel or a $250 seniors regional travel card?

Published 9 August 2023

Stories about a 4c a litre fuel discount replacing the regional seniors travel card are just that for the moment: stories.

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Bush mobile coverage dealt blow by consumer protection

Published 7 August 2023

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has blocked a deal between Telstra and TPG that would have meant more mobile coverage for people living in regional areas.

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Pension to rise by 3.25% in September

Published 4 August 2023

The Pensioner and Beneficiary Living Cost Index (PBLCI) reflects prices for things older people typically spend their money on. It is sitting at 3.25%, which means that the basic pension will go up by this amount in September.

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Online scams and how to avoid them

Published 2 August 2023

Here are some common online scams and how to avoid them, as well as where to go for help and more information.

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Supermarket tricks: spot marketing traps and save

Published 31 July 2023

Supermarkets have a range of traps designed to get customers to spend more. With the rising cost of living many of us as looking for ways to save on the basics. 

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Pension to go up by at least 2.2%

Published 28 July 2023

The June 2023 Consumer Price Index (CPI) suggests that the pension will go up by 2.2 per cent on 20 September this year.

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Double minimum withdrawal rates, says super industry

Published 26 July 2023

If you have a superannuation pension, every year you have to take out a minimum. It's hated by retirees. Now there are voices calling for doubling the minimum withdrawal rates.

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Games, puzzles, social outings and dementia: what does research say?

Published 24 July 2023

Research shows that some activities, including games like chess or Yahtzee, are associated with a lower risk of developing age-related dementia.

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Energy bill relief for embedded network users

Published 21 July 2023

Land lease communities and other embedded network consumers often face challenges in accessing rebates, here's what you might need to know to save money on your power bill this year.

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Have super, am retired, now what?

Published 19 July 2023

It's taken super funds and APRA seven long years to not deliver help for retired people and show them how to get the most out of their savings.

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Aged care: how to find a Care Finder

Published 17 July 2023

The aged care system is difficult to understand, so most people need more help than just a website can provide in finding the right care.

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Cheap community batteries bring power to the people

Published 13 July 2023

The Aussie sun burns bright enough to supply power to the whole country and lower energy bills dramatically. How? Here's part of the answer.

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New Alzheimer’s drug approved!

Published 12 July 2023

With the approval in the US of Leqembi, there are now 2 drugs available which are meant to slow down Alzheimer's, but watch the side-effects.

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NSW News: Regional Seniors Travel Card applications suspended

Published 12 July 2023

If the NSW seniors regional transport card is dear to you heart, now maybe the time to write to the NSW Treasurer if you want to keep it.

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Remember the forgotten pension indexation: wages!

Published 10 July 2023

Pension indexation is always disappointing but there is actually a method of indexation that wasn't, and it was based on improving wages.

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Bank cybersecurity a mess despite bank branch closure savings

Published 7 July 2023

Bank cybersecurity costs a lot of money, but it seems that savings from branch closures are not directed to making sure it's effective.

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Why you too are becoming a vegetarian

Published 5 July 2023

What do solar panels and vegetarian food have in common? Both are important in the fight against climate change.

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