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Age Pension goes up by 4%

3 August 2022

The cost-of-living index increase was published today. It came out below the CPI increase, which will therefore be used in pension indexation next month.

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More Nurses 24/7 in aged care? You wish!

29 July 2022

Mandatory means 'must do'. No excuses. Not in aged care, where around-the-clock nursing care will become mandatory from 1 July 2023 unless a nursing home has an ... Chances are every nursing home that wants one, will get one.

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Out now: The Retirement Income Covenant!

13 July 2022

No, it’s not a new spy thriller by Robert Ludlum, but a document telling superannuation funds to start doing what they have avoided for the thirty years that compulsory superannuation has now been around: look after their members. Will it take another thirty years for funds comply? The suspense is killing current retirees, because it is more than likely little will change before they pass on.

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Scams: Sydney Harbour bridge now being sold via your mobile!

8 July 2022

The best way of avoiding becoming a scam victim it seems, is to get rid of your computer, your home phone, your mobile phone and your fax machine and move to a deserted island, impose a no-fly zone to prevent blimps and light aircraft from delivering aerial scam messages and also ignore any bottles that wash up.

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Have hot water tank, will bust power bill!

6 July 2022

On 1 August, power will become much much more expensive, and there's nothing anybody can do to make it go away in the short term. Trying to use less power will help. Enter the hot water tank.

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