If you have experienced age discrimination, say so on telly!

Article published 12 November 2021

If you have experienced age discrimination, say so on telly!

AUSTRALIANS today are living longer and working longer, and it is now commonplace to see four or five generations working side by side in a single workplace.

Australian workplaces are reporting they have an older workforce than ever before, with almost 20 per cent stating that more than half their workforce is over 50 years old.

However, recent research by the Australian Human Rights Commission indicates that age discrimination continues to be an issue in many Australian workplaces. The age at which workers are considered ‘older’ is becoming progressively younger, and about a quarter of Australian businesses say they are reluctant to hire older workers.

We are all accustomed to hearing that retaining older workers and tapping into the benefits of a multigenerational workforce brings many advantages for businesses and organisations. But what is the reality?

The popular TV show SBS Insight is preparing an episode called “Growing Older, Loving Life”, which is about the experiences of Australians aged 50+. One of the issues that will be discussed is age discrimination and age discrimination in the workplace and during recruitment.

SBS Insight is keen to hear from people over 50 with stories (good and bad) that gives some insight in what is happening in Australian workplaces today. The show will air on 1 December, so hurry to contact CPSA on 1800 451 488 or by email voice@cpsa.org.au. We’ll put you in touch with SBS.

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