Cashless Welfare Card: Here are the facts

Article published 25 November 2020

Cashless Welfare Card: Here are the facts

THE SENIOR newspaper recently reported comments from a spokesperson for the Minister for Social Services about to the cashless welfare card, now called the Cashless Debit Card.

“Older Australians can be assured there is no plan to require Age Pensioners to participate in the Cashless Debit Card program”, the spokesperson said.

“The Government has been clear and consistent on this and any organisation spreading information to the contrary is simply fearmongering.”

CPSA is campaigning against the Cashless Debit Card, a patronising and demeaning imposition on responsible and capable Australians who receive a social security payment.

Is CPSA fearmongering?


A Bill before the Senate says that Age Pensioners can be forced onto the cashless welfare card in the Cape York area, the argument being that this would mitigate the risk of financial elder abuse.

The Minister for Social Services put this Bill up and she and the other Government members of the House of Reps voted for it.

Financial elder abuse is rife throughout Australia, not just in Cape York, so there is a very real possibility that, using the same argument, Age Pensioners elsewhere could be forced onto the cashless welfare card, too, in future.

An inquiry by a Senate Committee into the Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Continuation of Cashless Welfare) Bill 2020 has been completed, with a majority recommending that the Bill be passed as is. Labor and The Greens disagreed.

Those are the facts.

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